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While BANDAI were selling cards with vending machines (see here) his rival AMADA chose to use pullpacks. Pullpacks are individual paper sleeves attached to a display with a small string. When you pull the sleeve you shred the paper and you can get a card. PPCard name come from this…

pp card part 8

PP CARD PART 8 by AMADA (1990) Part 8 ! This one is so cool! Here is a new concept only on this part: scratch cards! You can scratch frames to reveal “power ups” for your character. These dragon ball cards show us the beging of the adventure on Namek…

Trading collection Memorial photo

Trading collection (memorial photo) was sold by amada in 1995. These Dragonball Cards are rectangle shape (no rounded corners) and are a little bigger than other cards / carddass . Sold in boosters or pullpacks, there are 114 cards including 4 3D cards and 12 prism cards. There are also…

Yamakatsu Saw Edge

Saw Edge by YAMAKATSU (199?) Yamakatsu “saw edge” are jubo sized cards with saw edge cut. Prism cards have wonderful pixel effect ! This is a very weird card collection ! Total: ??? cartes ? regulars ??? prismes 2 prisms on 33 cards vendues en pullpack VIDEO REVIEW !

jumbo dx yamakatsu

Jumbo DX par YAMAKATSU (199?) These cards are jumbo cards sold by Yamakatsu a subsidiary of Amada. The finish of the cards is not awesome (roughly cutted) but these cards are fun and vintage. Total: ??? cards 0 regulars ??? prisms 22 prisms on 22 cards sold in UNBOXING