DragonBall Mecha collection

Released in 2003 in a large black box, here are the mecha collection. A very nice collection of 10 small, vehicle-oriented Dragon Ball figurines. 6 red boxes, 4 yellow boxes. Awesome figure set ! VIDEO REVIEW !

Dragon Ball Sound-drops

Here is the full collection of dragonball “sound drops”. Released between 2006 and 2008, they were sold in “capsule station”. (bandai gashapon vending machine) Each sound drop plays one or more quotes from a dragonball character and some even play sound effects! There were 6 sets and a special set…

Museum Collection figures

The “museum collection” figures are superb Dragon Ball figurines from original Toriyama illustrations. Produced by UNIFIVE, these 14 figurines were released in 2004. A wonderful collection to own! VIDEO REVIEW !

Megahouse capsule Collection

Between 2003 and 2014 these magnificent Dragon Ball figurines were distributed. The Megahouse Capsules were sold in boxes of 7 capsules, each capsule representing a crystal ball. In each ball you could find ethier a color or in golden version! 30 Boxes were released, some of these are only reissues…

Panorama world set

In 2009, Bandai produced a set of 5 mini dioramas called “Panorama World”. Each sold individually, they together form a panorama of the key places in the world of dragon ball. The karin tower, the tenkaichi arena or bulma’s house, all the places are faithfully represented. But that’s not all…