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Dragon ball trading cards, goodies, toys, figures and video games from the 90s... You'll find loads of infos on Retroballz ! Carddass hondan, superbattle, pp card, and other weird cards like Adali or Yamakatsu won't have any more secrets to you !

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legend of manga (Hachette)

In 2008 “legend of manga” line were sold in news paper shops. Sold by “Hachette”, there were 50 figures with a magazine + 2 bonus figures for subscribers. These are very cool dragon ball figures that suit well with gashapon HG figures. Some characters are infrequently seen in other figures…

full color battle figures

Ancestors of the very famous AB toys dragon ball figures “super guerriers”, here are the full color battle ! Sold between 1993 and 1997, there are 2 different editions: Japanese and oversea (HK) These small vintage dragon ball figures were available with a cool arena with sound and an amazing…

nagasakiya mirror

NAGASAKIYA MIRROR by NAGASAKIYA (1992) A cool set of 30 dragon ball cards sold with cola flavor candies. They are called mirror because of their silver “mirror” effect. You can notice 4 different parterns around the cards. Very cool dragon ball cards from the 90’s ! Total: 30 cards 28…


SUPER HERO PART 8 by BIBITOYS (1995) Still unofficial cards, these dragon ball cards are awesome with their 3d effect ! Look at this wonderfull majin vegeta ! damn ! Total: 42 cardss 36 regulars 6 prisms 1 prism on 10 cards sold in 10 cards pack VIDEO REVIEW !

gokusai figures

This is an interesting dragonball figures collection if you are a gashapon HG collector. Produced in 2010 by bandai, this series of 5 figures was sold in beautiful looking boxes with a little sweet soda in each. A bit bigger than Gashapon HG figures and very detailed, Gokusai figurines are…