Retroballz c'est le musée virtuel des objets vintages
issus de la licence Dragonball.

Cartes de collection Dragonball, Goodies, figurines et jeux vidéos sortis dans les années 80-90 vous trouverez toutes les informations ici sur RetroballZ ! Les cartes dragonball carddass hondan, superbattle, pp card, et autres cartes plus exotiques telle que les Adali ou les Yamakatsu n'auront plus de secret pour vous !

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dragon ball let’s tv play

Between 2005 & 2008 were sold very cool games called “let’s tv play”. There are 4 of them. Each “let’s tv play” is a console with a game. With “let’s tv play” you can play on your TV with 2 sensors on your hands. It’s just like a “kinect” ancestor!…

toei fair dragon ball medals

Toei Fair medals (or coins) were sold during “Toei Fairs” between 1990 and 1995. There are 11 different medals with golden look. Each one comes with a clear plastic case. VIDEO REVIEW !

dragonball best collection cards

BEST COLLECTION (199?) This is a weird unofficial collection made in Taiwan. It’s a mix of pictures from bu saga and movie “fusion reborn” It’s not so “best” for a collection called “best collection”… 2 prism type (+ 1 size variant) Total: 47 cartes 47 prisms sold in mixed boosters…

z special collection 2

SPECIAL COLLECTION 2 (199?) This is an unofficial collection from Taiwan. We can see pictures of the bu saga from gotenks to bejito. There are also some illustrations from the dragonball movie “broly’s revenge”. There is something new compared to the part 1: cool 4 cards puzzles. 3 crazy prism…

Z special collection 1

SPECIAL COLLECTION 1 (199?) These are unofficial dragonball cards from taiwan. Part 1 is about the begining of bu saga up to gotenks appearance. Illustrations were made by the manufacturer so you can see exclusive pictures you won’t see on any other cards. Available in Yellow(classic) or white (deluxe) Total:…

mini gashapon dispenser

This mini dispenser works with any coin small enough to fit in. Sold by Bandai in 1992 in Japan only. 15 small figures are supplied with the machine, and you can cut 2 different pictures to use em as displays. This is a 100% vintage dragon ball item ! VIDEO…

AB 6 figure pack

In the 90’s, French market was flooded with AB products. AB is a TV production company which launched DragonBall on french television. Among a lot of AB products, the most popular was the 6 figure pack (pack de 6 super guerriers) With 6 different figures per pack, and 31 packs,…

carddass station binders

Carddass station are binders produced by bandai between 1991 et 1996. There are 16 “CS”: 14 binders, 2 binders + 1 jumbo, 1 limited prism. You can store 72 cards in a binder but with a system of additional screw you can add pages to your binder and store any…

dragon ball deluxe cardbag

Deluxe CardBag by Amada (1994) Here is the ultimate suitcase for your cards by Amada ! Nice & simple grey vinyl looking, with one handle, it’s sold with 12 little boxes (hardcase) and one little binder. It’s not over! Inside the box you can find 6 regular cards & 1…

dragonballz movie comic books

There were 13 Dragon ball z movies and 2 tv specials. For each movie were sold 1 comic book (12.5cmx18.1cm) produced by Jump Comics and sold for 690 Y. ( aprox 6$) A movie comic book is like a colored manga with pictures from the movie. A photonovel for otakus…

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