Retroballz c'est le musée virtuel des objets vintages
issus de la licence Dragonball.

Cartes de collection Dragonball, Goodies, figurines et jeux vidéos sortis dans les années 80-90 vous trouverez toutes les informations ici sur RetroballZ ! Les cartes dragonball carddass hondan, superbattle, pp card, et autres cartes plus exotiques telle que les Adali ou les Yamakatsu n'auront plus de secret pour vous !

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Gashapon HG dragonball

Gashapon HG are small figures sold between 2002 & 2010 in small capsules. (capsule station here) There are more than 300 figures including color variants. HGex were sold in boxes. COLLECTION VIDEO !

Genuine or bootleg figure?

There are many fake figures on the market (bootlegs) With more or less quality, there are sometimes sold as genuine (ripof) What are the differences between genuine and bootleg dragon ball figures? The first thing to look for is the logo of the brand. Banpresto, Bandai etc… NO LOGO =…

playdia video console

Playdia is a 32 bits home video console which uses CDs sold in 1994. (the exact same year as playstation1) Built by Bandai, you can play Bandai licenced anime games like sailor moon, gundam, hello kitty and of course dragonball! Sadly this console were sold in Japan only. (only japanese…

handy sharanra lightbox

Handy sharanra is a small light box to draw all your favorite dragonball characters! Sold in 1995 it works with two LR14 batteries. Inside the box: 2 pens, white paper, ans nice pictures to copy. With the translucid display included, you can turn this item into a cool lamp! VIDEO…

dragonball menko cards

Menko is a traditional card game very popular since Edo period. Menko cards are made with thick cardboard. The goal is to flip your opponent menko to win. There is also a variant of the game where you have to ring out the opponent card. Here is a small demo…