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about vintage dragon ball items.

Dragon ball trading cards, goodies, toys, figures and video games from the 90s... You'll find loads of infos on Retroballz ! Carddass hondan, superbattle, pp card, and other weird cards like Adali or Yamakatsu won't have any more secrets to you !

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dragon ball amada badges

Before pin’s there were badges ! Badges are timeless fashion accesories to put on bags, clothes or anywhere you want! Amada distributed badges among the multitude of dragonball goodies they produced. Sold individually for 50 yen, they were also available in set of 3 small + a large laser effect….

amada special card bag

Special cardbag by Amada (1992) Here is the spy suit case to carry your favorite dragon ball cards ! Made in plastic with a handle, it’s very classy with a golden dragon ball logo. It comes with 10 hard cases, a power level reader to reveal the secrets on the…

dragon ball school sets

Here are some different school sets. Mini bungu and others stationery sets are full of pencils, cases and other weird dragon ball goodies like pins or menkos. There are also in some of them notebooks and diaries. In this video discover some of them ! VIDEO REVIEW !

Dragon ball movie comic books

There were lots of Dragon ball z movies and tv specials. For each movie were sold 1 comic book (12.5cmx18.1cm) produced by Jump Comics and sold for 690 Y. ( aprox 6$) A movie comic book is like a colored manga with pictures from the movie. A photonovel for otakus…


SUPER HERO PART 7 by BIBITOYS (1995) Here are again unofficial cards, but still cool with their strange colors ! In this part there are a lot of cards with bejito and buu ^^ Interesting detail: 2 prism color variants (color & silver) Total: 44 cards 36 regulars 6 prisms…