Retroballz is a virtual museum
about vintage dragon ball items.

Dragon ball trading cards, goodies, toys, figures and video games from the 90s... You'll find loads of infos on Retroballz ! Carddass hondan, superbattle, pp card, and other weird cards like Adali or Yamakatsu won't have any more secrets to you !

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In the series of electronic games, here is the bandai world quiz released in 1993. A very nice interactive game that tests your knowledge of dragon ball! Using 20 double-sided cards, 8 questions per side, that’s 320 questions to have fun with your friends! VIDEO REVIEW !

Talkie Walkie Scouters

Available in the complete box of the dvds “the movies” released in 2006, here are the “scouter tranceiver”. It’s a battle scouter set that can be used as walkie talkies. Something to discuss with friends and have class like the saiyans of dragon ball! VIDEO REVIEW !

DB pachirin camera

Released in 1986 here is the pachirin camera by bandai! It’s a vintage dragon ball camera! It works with “110 type” film, one is supplied with the box. The strong point of this object: a small filter that adds a “goku filter” to your photos! So cute ! VIDEO REVIEW…

dragon ball slot machine

Distributed in 1992 by Yutaka here is the “super dragon machine” slot machine! A small slot machine about twenty centimeters. Provided with 10 tokens you will win if you line 3 goku! good luck ! VIDEO REVIEW !

freeza’s forces figures

You could get these dragon ball figures in 2010 in japan game centers. This line made by banpresto represents only freeza’s army and was only available in UFO catchers. There are here many interesting and exclusive characters like “banana” and “apple” ! These are awesome dragon ball figures especialy for…