PP CARD PART 24 by AMADA (1994) This ppcard part contains a cool 6 silver cards set! The cards are about the 25th budokai tenkaichi & the begining of bu saga. Here is the first ppcard with majin vegeta ! prism cards available in hard or soft type. Total: 54…


PP CARD PART 23 by AMADA (1994) This is the second part with the white borders. PPcards part 23 deals with the events before the 25th tenkaichi budokai. Les prismes sont disponibles en soft ou en hard. Total: 49 cards 36 regulars 12 prisms 1 silver 1 prism on 16…


PP CARD PART 22 by AMADA (1993) The white border design of this part was kept to part 25. These dragonball cards show us “the cell game” and older gohan some years after with the great sayaman costume ! prism cards available in hard or soft prism. Total: 48 cards…

ppcard special part 2

PPCARD SPECIAL PART 2 by AMADA (1994) 3 different designs, 4 cards per design, this part shows us the dragon ball z warriors at the begining of bu saga. Total: 12 cards 12 prisms 12 prisms on 12 cards VIDEO REVIEW !

pp card part 5

PP CARD PART 5 by AMADA (1989) This part 5 is about the fight goku vs vegeta. The begining of a epic rivalry ! Total: 42 cards 36 regulars 6 prisms 1 prism on 16 cards sold in pullpacks VIDEO REVIEW!