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Dragon ball trading cards, goodies, toys, figures and video games from the 90s... You'll find loads of infos on Retroballz ! Carddass hondan, superbattle, pp card, and other weird cards like Adali or Yamakatsu won't have any more secrets to you !

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Visual adventure 1: Asakusa

If there was only one temple to visit in Tokyo it would probably be the Senso-Ji of Asakusa. This Buddhist temple built in 645 is known for its red colors, its street of small shops (Nakamise-dōri) as well as its main entrance with its giant lantern (Kaminarimon). Even though most…

Japanese Kitkat

Kitkat are really famous in Japan ! The name “kitkat” sounds like “kitto katsu” that means “good luck, you can do it” so they became a common gift to offer to people before exams or to people in recovery. You can find in Japan loads of flavors. There are limited…

Jumbo roulette cards

JUMBO ROULETTE by BANPRESTO (1994) These dragon ball cards were sold by some game cabinets (not the same as terebi denwa). You had to turn a big wheel to get a card (jumbo roulette) This time there are not only prism cards but also regular ones. These cards have a…

dbz cards art collection part 6

ART COLLECTION PART 6 by ??? Here is the sixth part of the unofficial cards “art collection”. 45 prism cards per set. This part has a different design from before. You won’t see most of these illustrations in neither bandai or amada cards. Total: 45 cards 45 prisms VIDEO REVIEW!

dbz cards art collection part 5

ART COLLECTION PART 5 by ??? Set of 45 Unofficial dragon ball cards. The cards are prism only. You can see here some unusual illustrations. These dragon ball cards are really cool ! Total: 45 cards 45 prisms 3 prism types VIDEO REVIEW!