nagasakiya mirror

NAGASAKIYA MIRROR by NAGASAKIYA (1992) A cool set of 30 dragon ball cards sold with cola flavor candies. They are called mirror because of their silver “mirror” effect. You can notice 4 different parterns around the cards. Very cool dragon ball cards from the 90’s ! Total: 30 cards 28…


SUPER HERO PART 7 by BIBITOYS (1995) Here are again unofficial cards, but still cool with their strange colors ! In this part there are a lot of cards with bejito and buu ^^ Interesting detail: 2 prism color variants (color & silver) Total: 44 cards 36 regulars 6 prisms…

Jumbo roulette cards

JUMBO ROULETTE by BANPRESTO (1994) These dragon ball cards were sold by some game cabinets (not the same as terebi denwa). You had to turn a big wheel to get a card (jumbo roulette) This time there are not only prism cards but also regular ones. These cards have a…

dbz cards art collection part 6

ART COLLECTION PART 6 by ??? Here is the sixth part of the unofficial cards “art collection”. 45 prism cards per set. This part has a different design from before. You won’t see most of these illustrations in neither bandai or amada cards. Total: 45 cards 45 prisms VIDEO REVIEW!

dbz cards art collection part 5

ART COLLECTION PART 5 by ??? Set of 45 Unofficial dragon ball cards. The cards are prism only. You can see here some unusual illustrations. These dragon ball cards are really cool ! Total: 45 cards 45 prisms 3 prism types VIDEO REVIEW!