dbz carddass special cards

Carddass special cards were sold by Bandai with small boxes between 1990 and 1992. 1 pack = 1 box + 1 card. So you need to buy 12 packs to get these 12 cards ! An awesome dragon ball card set to possess ! VIDEO REVIEW !


SPECIAL ASIA PART 1 by BANDAI (1995) Special asia part 1 is a compilation of carddass hondan prism cards from part 1 to 7. 35 prism cards became regular cards and 7 are still prism cards. There is also 1 special regular card and the same in prism version. Sold…

Gashapon HG dragonball

Gashapon HG are small figures sold between 2002 & 2010 in small capsules. (capsule station here) There are more than 300 figures including color variants. HGex were sold in boxes. COLLECTION VIDEO ! Here is the complete dragon ball gashapon HG collection.

Genuine or bootleg figure?

There are many fake figures on the market (bootlegs) With more or less quality, there are sometimes sold as genuine (ripof) What are the differences between genuine and bootleg dragon ball figures? The first thing to look for is the logo of the brand. Banpresto, Bandai etc… NO LOGO =…

dragonball terebikko

Terebikko is a weird interactive game to play with your TV and a video recorder. It consist in a dragonball quiz game to answer with a telephone. Many different games were sold mostly educative games for childs. UNBOXING !