yamakatsu products

Yamakatsu is a subsidiary of Amada. The cards are “cheap” and funky ! No numbers, same picture on different cards, weird prism types and weird sizes… cards, stickers, tattoos, magnets… Yamakatsu collection for pros! (or not) Here are the different kind of yamakatsu packs I found. VIDEO REVIEW !

Yamakatsu Saw Edge

Saw Edge by YAMAKATSU (199?) Yamakatsu “saw edge” are jubo sized cards with saw edge cut. Prism cards have wonderful pixel effect ! This is a very weird card collection ! Total: ??? cartes ? regulars ??? prismes 2 prisms on 33 cards vendues en pullpack VIDEO REVIEW !

jumbo dx yamakatsu

Jumbo DX par YAMAKATSU (199?) These cards are jumbo cards sold by Yamakatsu a subsidiary of Amada. The finish of the cards is not awesome (roughly cutted) but these cards are fun and vintage. Total: ??? cards 0 regulars ??? prisms 22 prisms on 22 cards sold in UNBOXING