hero collection platina cards

Hero collection cards are not the favorite of collecters but there are some cool cards inside: platina cards!
There are 48 platina cards. These dragon ball cards have a metalic mirror effect with different stamped border in each part.
You can find these cards in hero collection part 2-3-4 in japanese version ! (and 16/40 of them in part 4 US artbox version)
Platina cards is kinda a collection inside a collection !

These cards are not avaible in “artbox” usa edition.

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4 comments on “hero collection platina cards

  1. Hi !!

    Hey do you know where I can buy some of those Dragon ball Z cards packs Hero Collection series 2,3,4,Japanese?
    I’m still looking for the Platina Cards

    1. hello
      well if you look on ebay you can find some of them.
      Remember if you see “artbox” logo they are NOT japanese ^^
      btw i have some platina cards for sale if you are interested please send a message at
      contact at retroballz.net

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