lsi barcode game


LSI barcode game is a 4 players electronic game. You can play with cards with barcode by scanning it with the device.
This game occurs during the freezer saga and you can fight ginew special forces and the several forms of freezer.

Each player chose a Goku card (A B C or D) at the begining.
Then each player needs to scan his goku card to begin his turn and throw the dice. Each time you get a card and scan it your character stats are modified. The scanning device keeps in memory the statistics of your character during the game !

In game mode 1 you pick up cards in 6 different stacks (1 to 6)
In game mode 2 you go forward on the gameboard (1 to 6 squares)

Vintage game, dragon ball cards, awesome moment!

Content of the box

  • 65 regulars
  • 15 figures
  • 1 double gameboard
  • 1 LSI barcode scan

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