SPECIAL ASIA PART 1 by BANDAI (1995) Special asia part 1 is a compilation of carddass hondan prism cards from part 1 to 7. 35 prism cards became regular cards and 7 are still prism cards. There is also 1 special regular card and the same in prism version. Sold…

Original Laser Cards

ORIGINAL LASER by AMADA (1992-1993) Original laser cards are dragon ball promo cards from Amada. There were sold with deluxe card bags. (here) There are 7 cards, 6 sold in 1992 & 1 in 1993 in a different pack. The last one has a different back and is the only…

hondan part 1

CARDDASS HONDAN PART 1 by BANDAI (1989) This is the first part of carddass hondan ! The legendary dragon ball cards collection with 30 parts. You can see here the power level of our heroes with BP (battle points) This part is about dragon ball, the begining of the adventure…

pp card part 7

PP CARD PART 7 by AMADA (1990) These dragon ball cards show us the begining of namek saga. We can discover the allmighty freezer, zarbon & dodoria. Total: 42 cartes 36 regulars 6 prisms 1 prism on 16 cards sold in pullpacks VIDEO REVIEW!

pp card part 12

PP CARD PART 12 by AMADA (1991) These dragon ball z cards have an unique design with a dice system. We can see our heroes fighting against freezer in namek saga. Total: 42 cards 36 regulars 6 prisms 1 prism on 16 cards vendues en pullpacks VIDEO REVIEW!