hondan part 1


This is the first part of carddass hondan !
The legendary dragon ball cards collection with 30 parts.
You can see here the power level of our heroes with BP (battle points) This part is about dragon ball, the begining of the adventure of goku and his seach of the dragon balls.

Part 1 was reprinted in 1995 and 2008.

Total: 42 cards



6 comments on “hondan part 1

  1. Hello! I have come across Carddass over the years buying card collections in the States. I always thought they were cool but considered them one off’s. I have recently got a cool Hero collection that inspired me to dig deeper and find your website. This is great! I have purchased a Carddass complete set in binder and am excited to receive it. I have a question on the reprints. Is there a way to tell if cards are first print like in DBZ Score which has a small sticker on the bottom right? Just curious if the first print was designated on these Japanese sets.

  2. Hi, is there any way of visually telling the difference between the original print from 1989, and the re-prints of 95 and 2008? Thanks in advance.

      1. Ty for showing through these cards it’s been a great asset in helping me build my collection, I’m through all the prisms but the first 2 parts now and then I’m onto the regular sets, but I just wanted to say these have helped me GREATLY over the last cpl years. Thankyou!

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