dragonballz movie comic books

There were 13 Dragon ball z movies and 2 tv specials.
For each movie were sold 1 comic book (12.5cmx18.1cm)
produced by Jump Comics and sold for 690 Y. ( aprox 6$)
A movie comic book is like a colored manga with pictures from the movie. A photonovel for otakus !
Within each book there is a poster and rare illustrations and infos.
Here are the 13 books:

– Dead zone
– The world’s strongest
– The tree of might
– Lord Slug
– Cooler’s revenge
– The return of Cooler
– Super android 13
– Broly the legendary super saiyan
– Bojack unbound
– Broly second coming
– Bio broly
– Fusion Reborn
– Wrath of the dragon
– Bardock the father of goku
– The history of trunks

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  1. i have a question about DRAGONBALLZ MOVIE COMIC BOOKS. i see the books you have pictured a small. i have one of those books by citicomics and it is a mush larger version, is mine rare?

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