How to tidy your cards ?

Many people ask themselves: how can I stove all my dragon ball cards ?
If your collection begins to grow maybe it’s time for you to find something new to stove your cards…Don’t worry !
Here are several holders, binders with a grade according to their capacity, use and fun !



Hard case & Pocket Case
-20 cards capacity
-card dispenser (hardcase)

Awesome to carry your cards everywhere!

Collection Case
-150 cards capacity

Nice to store but not handy

Card album
-80 cards capacity (4 compartment)
-available in dragon ballz & ultra pro

Cool for beginers

Carddass Station
-from 60 cards to ??? (6 compartment)
-Many designs available

User friendly & fun: a good choice.

Collectors Album
-180 cards capacity (9 compartment)

Easy too use & good quality !

Collectors Binder
-up to 1500 cards (9 compartment)

Easy to use awesome for mass storage !

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