Barcode multi scanning system
Box contents
1 portable console super barcode wars
1 game board
4 dragonball figures
62 cards
1 guidebook

3 game modes
Mode 1 : Versus 2 players: can be played with any barcode
Mode 2: versus 2 players with the 62 cards included
Mode 3: adventure 4 players with the 62 cards included



On the screen: HP: life points – DR: defence points – SR: accuracy

Mode 1
You can play this game with any barcode from any goods and of course with super barcode wars cards !
The winner is the player who can take his opponent down to 0 HP.
Each player can scan up to 5 cards then validate with “battle button.
Then the machine chose randomly the player who will begin.

This player has 2 choices:

to attack press the button again when the gauge is full.
to defend press again to get the better number

When the 2 players did their choices then press “battle”
The screen will now show the result of the round and then a new round will begin.
And so on until one player is “0 hp”

Mode 2
You need the 62 cards included in the box to play this game.

Each player draw 3 cards and can change up to 3 cards.
Both players have same HP at the begining.
The machine chose randomly who will begin.
First player chose 1 card to scan in, then discard it and pick up a new card.
Battle type cards decrease opponent stats.
Rest/training boost your own stats.
Player 1 chose between ofence or defence and will get the numbers according to the card.
Player 2 repeats the same operations.
When each player played then push “battle”
Damages will show up on the screen.
The game is over when a player is “0hp”
If on turn 9 both players are alive then the winner is the one with more HP.

Good to know ! Piccolo card is a special card !
You can play after any card with “AP” (attack power)
It will double your attack power !

Mode 3
History mode with gameboard.
More infos on this game mode soon!

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