The dragon balls !

Many different dragon balls has been produced.
But there were no official lifesize version in the 90’s.
Here are the most common crystal balls sets.
(of course there are other sets ^^)

A) Bandai 7 balls set available in 4 & 7 cm (2006)
Lifesize, heavy, great looking… the best dragon balls on the market!

B) Bandai 1 random 7cm crystal ball (2006)

C) Banpresto winter gift set (2015)
They are built with cheap plastic an the balls are 4 cm.
The worst set on the market for sure !
Well the box is nice anyway !

D) Shokugan 7 balls + radar (2014)
This is a funny set !
Balls are bouncy ball and the radar lights up.
If you are looking for realistic balls… this one is not for you.


pucebackLes dragon balls en video!

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