Cardass vending machine v2

Amada sold cards in pullpacks see here, BANDAI used big dispensers: les vending machines.
One card was 20 Yens and you had 1 chance on 20 to get a prism card.
For each collection and for each part there was 1 display on the face on the machine.

V2 vending is smaller than former v1 machine (see vending v1 here)

See machine patent here

vending machine dragon ball z

English infos:

Vending machine for Bandai Carddass
Hondan Superbattle & Visual Adventure.
1 prism on 20 cards
1 card for 20 yens (2×10 yens)

1 Up display
1 display of the carddass part
1 coin hole
1 rotary system
1 carddass exit
1 mecanism
1 card storage (500 cards)
1 coin box

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